Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Morning, Rosie!

Rosie O. seems to be giving up making up facts about Bush and the war in Iraq and has now decided to make up facts about other things and "move on" from Bush.
Let's look at her, as always, incredibly lucid post from the 14th. Here it is, in part.

dont fear “TERRORISTS” - they are mothers and fathers

u see
since terror been used to scare americans
since 9 11
terrorists - terrorists - everywhere
all of them - bad guys
terrorists - after us - here and there
they sold it
we bought it

we gave away r civil liberties
fear works

the 911 terrorists
most came from saudi arabia
and we invaded 2 other countries
minor details

here is the point
i was trying to make
that day to elisabeth

hundreds of thousands of humans
not “terrorists”
iraqi mothers and fathers
have been killed by US

those innocent ones
the mothers and fathers
they r not “terrorists”

I am trying to be brief, but man, how do you do that with the lunacy she spews?!?

If she was talking about innocent people in Iraq she should have said, “Don’t fear the Iraqi people, they are mothers and fathers.” I submit that Rosie is back-stepping, and doing the Rosie Shuffle because she knows what a stupid thing to say that was.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi mothers and fathers have been killed? What the hell is she even talking about? Where is she getting these numbers?

More stupid lies from stupid people who have a position to cause problems.

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