Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We demand more (people who understand) gun control, now!

Here we go, time to dust off all the old arguments for enacting more gun laws! Let the stupidity begin!!

I defy you to come up with a really good argument for more gun laws or completely banning certain guns.
More laws would not have prevented the horrible murders that took place in Virginia. I have…. more than one and I have never gone on a killing spree. You want to take my handguns? No? You want to take high capacity magazines again! Well, you have a point there, because if I can’t kill someone who is threatening me or my family with 6 rounds, well, I need to go back to the range and work on it a little more. (Real gun control is hitting your target with every round after all.) Ah but wait, you don’t have a point because I or anyone else for that matter can just by as many low capacity magazines as I want and it takes me about 2 ½ seconds to drop an empty magazine and put in a new one. It is an easy three step process and if you think it will slow someone down enough to make a difference you, are high.

If you DO make those changes you are infringing on my Constitutional right as a law abiding citizen to keep and bear arms. Any gun law you put into place has an effect on people who follow the laws, not those who break them. It is against the law to kill 32 people. Do you really think this would have been prevented if he had to break one, or even 10 more laws to get this horrific plan to come to fruition? (The gun-free zone didn't slow him down much. Maybe they should have posted signs or something.) Give me the law, tell me what would have prevented this.

So now you are saying, “So SPC Mike, what you are saying is, that we should just not do anything to try and prevent this from happening again?”
“Nope.” I say. “If you really want to do something Rosie, here is what we should do, but you are not going to sign off on it.”
Train and arm some faculty members. (let me pause while you gather up your emotions…) The state, or the FBI, or whomever must do a complete job of checking them out and make sure they have no prior arrests or anything stupid like that in their pasts. Be smart about it, but give them the ability to protect themselves and others.

Look what happened here in Salt Lake recently: Why wasn’t that worse? Because an off-duty police officer was there and slowed this scum-bag looser down.

So let’s hear the arguments. Come up with something new, I challenge you to give me something I haven’t heard before.

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