Monday, May 14, 2007

Ray Hanania is an idiot.

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Ray Hanania is a pinhead. For so many reasons. Normally, I try to avoid name calling, but when someone starts up with it, all bets are off. For example:

"He is a Mormon. So what? I’m not a racist like Glenn Beck, the bigot who parades as a so-called objective talk show host on CNN’s Headline News. (Beck is the moron who asked the first Muslim American Congressman, Minnesota’s Keith Ellison, to prove he wasn’t a terrorist sympathizer.)"
1. "Mormon" is not a race, stupid. You would not be a racist if you didn't like Romney because of his religion.
2. Glenn Beck is not a bigot and has never claimed to be objective. You have clearly never watched or listened to Mr. Beck.
3. Beck did NOT ask Ellison to prove anything. I saw it and, paraphrasing, he said, what I FEEL LIKE saying to you sir is, prove to me you are not working with our enemies. The interview went fine, Ellison was not offended and has never once said a thing about it. Beck talked to him after the show and Ellison said he was not offended and while it was a poorly phrased statement, Ellison said that he understood the statement. Unlike the moronic liberals who love to paint Beck as a racist bigot.

"...the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful gun lobby that wants to protect the right of every criminal to sneak in and buy a gun at their leisure without having to go through extensive background checks or make them wait long periods of time.

I support the right of Americans to have guns. But not automatic weapons. There is no reason to allow any American to have an automatic weapon. I think you can also own a handgun, if the application process were a process and not a fast-food service ordeal as it is today in many states thanks to the NRA."

1. The NRA would much rather kill a criminal than protect them. But the libs hate this idea. Killing is wrong no matter who is doing the dying. "Is any killer worth more than his crime?" This statement is just bold-faced Stupidity and makes me question his ability to reason about ANYTHING.
2. His first sentence of the next paragraph is another bold-faced lie. He clearly doesn't understand the process of buying a gun and has obviously never been through it. He has fallen for the Michael Moore lies that were concocted in Bowling for Columbine. (I love how liberals just make things up all the time.)
3. Ever tried to buy an automatic weapon? It isn't easy, cheep, or quick. My reason for having an automatic weapon? Actually I have a couple. First, if the bad-guys have automatic weapons, I need an automatic weapon, and the bad guys didn't go to a gun store to get the automatic weapon. Second, I am a law-abiding citizen and they are fun to shoot. Frankly, that is enough in a so-called "free country." Do I have one? Not telling. But it is my RIGHT to have one. Granted me in the same document that allows our little Ray of Sunshine here to spew LIES.
4. There is nothing wrong with being able to go into a gun store and walk out with a gun. Making someone wait will not stop them from getting the gun and will not stop them from taking it to a campus and killing as many helpless, gunless, people as they can. Most guns used in this fashion are not bought legally in the first place. Oh, and didn't he have this gun in a Gun-Free Zone? See my earlier post.

I could go on, but if you have a question on that let me know. I would like to move on...

"Why not make people wait four months, for example, to get a gun? Don't you think it's the criminal who is in a rush to get a gun, not a normal average American like me who doesn't really need one?

Why not make every gun applicant go through a detailed background check too, and create a system that keeps detailed information on criminals, convictions, mental illness and other similar issues to be made available nationally.

Maybe we might have stopped that dude from killing all those students at Virginia Tech. Clearly, Cho Seung-Hui had a serious problem that was recognized but that never made it into the system. He was never treated and he bought guns so easily and as quickly as he was able to buy a fast food burger."
1. I AM a normal average American, making an average salary Ray. I need a gun to protect myself because someone might break into my house and threaten me with a gun. I don't want to bring a knife to a gun fight. I will leave that to idiot gun control freaks like Ray. If I need to protect myself, I need to do it now, not in four months, idiot.
2. You can always count on the liberal battle-cry, "It is America's fault, we should have done more."
3. This scum-sucking bastard (not Ray this time but Cho) was never treated because of the liberal political correctness that weaves its way throughout our society and everyone who was worried was to0 afraid they would be sued. More liberal stupidity for you, Ray. There was nothing WE could have done. Give a well-trained teacher a gun, and now you have a chance.

"Actually, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t vote for anyone named Buffy so why would I vote for someone named "Mitt."

The name sounds so elitist. Change your name to Grabowski Romney. Or, Barack Hussein Obama Romney. Maybe. Just maybe."

Then let's rail on Mitt's name. That is very compassionate of you, Ray. Gotta love libs.

"Well, that was before I learned about his flip-flopping views and the fact that he didn’t serve during the Vietnam War while he was in college. He had a college deferment. (President George W. Bush didn't serve either and did worse, hiding out in the reserves during the height of the war -- to me, that's not leadership but cowardice.)"

Did you vote for Clinton, Ray? I'll bet what Bill was doing during the Vietnam War was heroic not cowardice, to our brilliant little "Ray" of sunshine. I guess I am not a "real soldier" because I joined the National Guard and spent 11 months and 28 days boots on the ground in Iraq. It probably doesn't count unless you are A) in the US Airforce during the Vietnam war AND THEN B) the Illinois Air National Guard (and NOT a conservative.) You can't just be IN the National Guard or the reserves to start with.

I have my own reservations about Mitt, and more than likely won't be voting for him. (I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mind you) For some of the reasons Smilin' Ray touched on, in fact. However, I don't think Ray is telling the truth even for a moment when he says he was considering voting for Romney; not because Romney belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but because he belongs to the Republican party.

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