Saturday, May 5, 2007

Who me? Me just one o' them ineducated soldiers

To Ricki:
I schure whish I were as smart as riki lake n rosi odonel them is my heros i joined the army so's i could stop my inedukaton, like my heros riki and rosi!!

To Rosie:

wish they had a grip
on reality
calling terrorists mothers and fathers
so we dont want to kill them
like they want to kill us
ro so smart wants to get along
with a pit of vipers.
training their baby vipers
no reality in the lives of "stars"

Of course, I can write in complete sentences, unlike Rosie, and I know that words like, "ineducation" aren't really words at all, unlike the lovely and talented (at giving birth,) Ricki Lake.

I have to tell you I am sick and tired of celebrities and politicians calling me UNeducated. Am I taking advantage of the benefits that the military offers me to go to school? Well, wouldn't I have to be pretty damn stupid not to?!?!?

Stick to making babies you moron.

Check out the segment on the genius' website, here. Choose Clip#2 from "The View" on May 1

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