Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 4th is just for Conservatives!! Liberals go home!

The Salt Lake Tribune is crying about BYU and their choice to have Glenn Beck MC the Stadium of Fire last night. This was the first year I have gone, and I did so only because there was a special deal for Vets this year. It is unbelievably expensive and to take my family would have cost nearly $300.00. For fireworks? I don’t think so.. I don’t like country music and don’t know who Corbin What’s-his-face is. I went because I heard the fireworks were amazing. They are. Glenn didn’t get political, and the people at the Tribune and those who are leaving comments bashing Mormons and Provo, calling it a "backwater city," "irrelevant," and all the other blah, blah, blah are the ones with the problem. “Let’s see if we can stir something up!”

Why is there even talk about it? Why are we ruining the 4th of July with this nonsense? They are doing exactly what they accuse BYU and Glenn Beck of doing. Just like liberals always do. It was a patriotic show put on by patriotic people. It wasn’t a “Mormon thing,” leave it alone.

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