Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Inconvenient Pile of Crap

Well, I guess Al Gore’s little global warming event didn’t really do what he hoped it would. Surprise, surprise. The thing that continues to blow me away is that there are people that believe this crap. Good grief, even the New York Times may be starting to get it! Politicians want more tax money, stupid! Do you think they will pick up the tab for this? They won't even send their kids to public schools. They are not "of the people." Do we really not see the hypocrisy of these ultra-rich morons spouting the nonsense of telling me to use one square of toilet paper while owning several cars, several huge houses, flying 10 times as much as the average citizen and telling me to drive something besides my 33 MPG Saturn and live in my 1800 sq. foot house with the A/C on 70 degrees?? (No, I won't turn the A/C down. I pay for that crap, just like you do. Shut the hell up, it's hot out there -- global warming, remember?)

Are American's really so blinded by celebrity that we just don't see them for what they are?

Sadly, the Police were a part of this event and I fear I may never be able to buy another Sting CD again. I hate it when they do this kind of crap! I guess it is my own fault for paying attention. The highlight was of course ANOTHER self-righteous Kennedy trying to pull the mote out of our eye while reaching around the ginormous beam in his own. They never cease to amaze me.

The stupidity is alarming, not the climate change, and it just keeps getting more stupid all the time.

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