Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Preparing for School Attacks

This is from the Department of Homeland Security and outlines how we need to prepare and respond should a terrorist attack occur in our schools.

If they still choose your site as their target, you must respond quickly and forcefully. An analysis of active shooter incidents by co-author Richard Fairburn suggests that even a rapid deployment team is unlikely to assemble in time to save lives.1 In most incidents, the only chance to save lives is an instant response by on-scene personnel or the first arriving officer. At this point, we are not just seeking to defeat the attackers. One of the lessons of the 2004 Russian school massacre, as outlined in John Giduck’s excellent book, Terror at Beslan is that we must attack immediately, with maximum violence, and no intention of pulling back or giving up ground. Attack the enemy hard and fast and destroy them before they destroy more innocents.
This is an excellent first step into ensuring our police forces are able to deal with this threat. The American Thinker had a great blog today. Check it out.

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