Friday, October 12, 2007

1,2,3 stretch.....and hold it......

I love this stretch of logic:

A few nights ago I heard Glenn Beck discussing the Bush veto and asking why people with household incomes of $80,000 should “be able to have their children covered” by government healthcare. His choice of words was interesting: “be able to have their children covered” implies that children are a possession and not individuals in their own right. Beck implies that Bush is vetoing a benefit for parents and not for the kids themselves. He, and George Bush, presumably see children on the same terms as people’s cars. We don’t pay for car servicing for the middle-class so why should we pay for their kids’ health care?

Kids are unable to vote and arguably unable to fend for themselves, they do not choose their parents and have no choice whether their parents provide health insurance for them or not. This is not a parental income thing, it is a parental decision thing. If your parents don’t care, then “tough luck” — you are part of that burgeoning child underclass that is without health care.


So now, I suppose we are going to knock down the doors of crappy parents everywhere and force them to get health care for their kids. If the parents are making 80 large a year (NOT the middle-class) and DON'T have health care, then they either a) have their priorities VERY screwed up, or b) Pay cash when they need health care. (it does happen believe it or not, in fact my doctor will give me a discount if I just pay him.) Stop trying to force people to do what YOU want them to do.

The point, is that parents making much more money than I do, can AFFORD IT THEMSELVES! I have health care for my kids and I make a lot less than 80,000 a year. I don't need a damn handout, and don't want to pay for someone else's health care. Am I a big jerk? Maybe. But it doesn't really take a village.

Even if free health care is available to all children, I accept that will not ensure equal access to health care for every child. What it will do is increase the chance that, when a kid is sick or in need of innoculation, their parents will get them to the doctor rather than risk it by putting off treatment because they chose not to insure them for financial reasons.

I disagree, and here is why; If parents don't care now, why would something "free" make them care later? It won't. Crappy parents are crappy parents. That is why they call them that.

Maybe Glenn Beck should try supporting a family of four in Eagle County, complete with health care for all, on just $80,000 a year. Maybe President Bush should think before using his veto just to support his political dogma. Maybe they should both start thinking of children as rather more important to society than a Chevy truck.

Maybe you should step back into reality and realize that 80,000.00 is a lot of money for a lot of Americans. There is already a funded health care program, maybe you've heard of it, it's called CHIP and it is actually reasonable. Did you LOOK at the proposed plan? It is completely outrageous and out of the realm of reality for most Americans. The median income in Utah is about 62,000 with 2 earners! What is it where you live?

I submit that you must be paid way too much for what you do to think that 80,000 is not a lot of money. How funny that Glenn most likely makes much more than you and yet has a better idea of what the common man goes through day to day.

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