Monday, October 8, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse With a Broken Record

Ah Media Matters.... These idiots can't come up with anything new to say about Glenn so every time he brings out a Muslim, they bring up Keith Ellison. I love this shocking headline:
Beck to Muslim-American guest: "How do we know the difference between you and those that are trying to kill us?
Oh brother, are you serious? This is a horrible question to ask? Isn't it important to recognize people who are trying to kill you from people who are not? Oh, wait, I forgot, no one is trying to kill us. But wait wasn't it our fault they are trying to kill us? no, that was... man... I am just so confused about what liberals want me to believe nowadays.

You might be able to smoke a bag or two and come to the same conclusion as K.H. does, but for an honest man, that is a real stretch.

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