Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The socialists are coming, the socialists are coming!

I have to admit it kills me how Demonrats are furious about America’s huge deficit and the Evil (note the caps) Bush tax cuts.

AND YET… They want to socialize health care, (which costs a ginormous crapload of cash) and give every child born in the US, 5 large to invest, (do the math on that Devil-woman! -- 4 million * 5,000 is a lot of zeros) and basically create as many new programs as they can that, yep, you guessed it, COST MONEY.

Where do they think this money comes from? Oh I forgot; The Rich. (Unless of course you are a politician. So glad I can afford to send my kids, to private schools… Oh I can’t because my taxes pay for politicians kids to go to private school) and don’t forget the taxes from “global warming” that Dingle(berry) has in mind for us all. (just a side note, go to hell socialist pig!) It isn’t enough that we pay our power bills and buy gas (along with all the tax money on gas.) Carbon taxes are the stupidest idea in the world, unless of course you are a politician. It is amazing to watch all this happen. Amazing, and so painful, because America doesn’t see it.

I consume for America, (hey, it’s good pinhead! It keeps the money flowing!) I will fight for America, (been there, done that) I will even die for America. (or I wouldn’t have VOLUNTEERED) But I refuse to pay for the stupid and the lazy in America. I wish politicians wouldn’t try me, but I know they will. We need to start over and the only way that will happen is if it all goes to hell. So buckle up, America.

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