Monday, October 29, 2007

Still Missing the Point

In the Washington Post article published on the 26th, Joshua Partlow talks to a soldier who believes that Iraq isn’t worth another soldiers life. The left-wing bloggers in response decide that Neocons all over the world will call this a “phony soldier” because someone who is actually fighting it disagrees with it. What they refuse to understand is that THIS is not Jesse Adam Macbeth, who is a phony soldier. Sgt. Alarcon is actually enlisted in the United States Army. Big difference.

A phony soldier would be one who tells lies about actually being a soldier. News flash for all the lib donkeys out there: If you do not graduate from Basic Training, you are not an American soldier. Please try to allow this one tiny fact sink into your minds. I beg you. I have taken all the other facts you want to ignore about what Limbaugh said so that you might be able to digest it. Once you understand this one small fact, the rest is pretty easy to follow. Baby-steps little donkey, baby-steps.

It is okay to not like the war. It is okay to be miserable fighting it. Let me give the donkeys that have never been in the military and gone to war another little fact I learned by going. War sucks. It sucks every single day that you are on the other side of the world away from your wife and children. Some days suck less than others but it sucks. It sucks driving down "IED Alley" avoiding the potholes from previous bombs to get to Isk or having to take the long way, because EOD shut the road down that morning. Sorry, another IED went off and they have to clear it first. Sgt. Alarcon at least had a favorite street to go down, I hated every part of Iraq I saw. (Admittedly, it was not as much as some but it was enough.) If I owned property in both Iraq and Hell, I would rent out Iraq and live in Hell.)

Iraq may not be worth it, but America is. Let the facts about who the players are in Iraq slip right on by.

Let the good things we are doing there just fade into obscurity. I won’t go over the reasons we need stability there, because donkeys don’t care anyway.

Strangely, it does surprise me that the donkey bloggers who cares so much about people would use the soldier who says that these people are not worth it as an example of why we should leave. Of course, the dead civilians are worth it, just not the live ones. Or maybe if they were a spotted owl or some rare fish they would be okay with it.

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