Monday, October 1, 2007

Wake up, it's 19.. I mean.. Holy crap, 2007?!?!

When will we as a nation realize just who it is we are dealing with, and how they think?

They do not treasure life as we do, and believe that it is the fight itself that matters. Americans want to win, and we want to live.

According to Khomeini, life is worthless and death is the beginning of genuine existence. “The natural world,” he explained in October 1980, “is the lowest element, the scum of creation. “What is decisive is the beyond: The “divine world, that is eternal.” This latter world is accessible to martyrs. Their death is no death, but merely the transition from this world to the world beyond, where they will live on eternally and in splendor. Whether the warrior wins the battle or loses it and dies a Martyr—in both cases, his victory is assured: either a mundane or a spiritual one.

This attitude had a fatal implication for the Basiji: Whether they survived or not was irrelevant. Not even the tactical utility of their sacrifice mattered. Military victories are secondary, Khomeini explained in September 1980.

This gives them the freedom to throw wave after wave of men, women and children at you with bombs strapped to them. They don’t care and want to die because they can then live “eternally in splendor.” I have been to the Middle East. I visited only little cities in Iraq but they were all rat holes. Kuwait was a little better, but was nothing like what we are used to here.
After a couple thousand years of this religion being force-fed from the government, its roots are deep. You cannot convince someone whose family, for generations, has believed that God wants them to kill as many Israelis (or even better; Americans) as they can before they die.

When will liberals lift up their heads and look at the enemy and understand what it is we face? Will they do it in time? Unlikely, and this country will be torn apart, and somehow libs will find a way to blame it on so-called “NeoCons” or the religious right, or even just Americans.

Good luck everyone.

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