Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why are you opposed to freedom?

I am trying desperately to figure out the arguments against vouchers here in Utah. Someone please help me out. I got a flyer in the mail saying (dang I wish I had it with me) something about how it does not help reduce class sizes and takes needed funds away from schools. Huh?

No wonder these schools suck, they can’t do basic math themselves. (I am terrible at math by the way, so again, help me understand!) Let’s figure this out.

10 kids at 7000.00 per kid, is 70,000.00. Let’s say 4 kids leave because their parents want to send them to a new school that just opened up that has uncertified teachers who are not protected by the union. (We will talk about this more in a minute) Two are poor as dirt and 2 are as rich as Trump. The poor kids take 3,000 of the 7,000 they are allotted. The rich take 500.00 each. That is a total of 7,000 they are taking out of the school.

Now you have 6 kids who took off and took with them 7,000 between the 4. There are 6 kids left (6 X 7,000 = 42,000) and add to their totals the balance of the 4 (42,000 + 21,000 = 63,000) now divide that by the remaining kids, (63,000 / 6) now you have 10,500.00 per student in that class. Where is my logic flawed here???

The other argument I hear all the time, is that the teachers are not certified by the state. Uh, GOOD! That also means the bad ones are not protected by the state. I can fire you if you think that a good class consists of at least one hour of Ty-Bo a day. (yes, I know that teacher, and I want her fired! She makes about 55,000 a year to teach kids NOTHING.)

They argue, “Who’s going to get your kids to that school? They will want the state to do it.” The parents who care enough to use vouchers will take care of getting them there. It’s so dumb.

One thing I don’t like about vouchers is that it may cause the private schools to raise tuition. However, if that happens, it won’t matter; poor kids won’t be able to go anyway. So really, the point is moot.

The school board and the teachers unions don’t want this because it will likely take the good students out of the schools and leave them with troublemakers and problem learners (for the most part.) leaving them with parents who don't care or are too busy to help their kids at home. Teachers can't do it alone, not even the best ones. Here’s my logic:

Who will use this? Parents who care what happens to their kids.
Who helps the most in the public schools? Parents who care what happens to their kids.
Who does the best in school? Kids who have parents that care about their education.

So the parents who help their kids at home, making things easier for the teacher (LIKE THEY SHOULD) are the ones who want the best education they can get. Some may believe that their kids are not getting the best they can from TyBo teachers instead of Math teachers.

There are fantastic teachers in the public schools. I have never had a bad experience with one of my kids teachers (except the head-start program. I will NEVER do that again, but we were in a bad way and I was in Iraq.) and I have loved them all. I used to substitute in the local school here and made many great friends here. I also met Mrs. TyBo there. (am I even spelling that correctly?)

I want teachers to be held accountable, and I want to have some power over my kids education. More than picking the lesser of two or three evils when I pick a teacher I may or may not even get.

I want to choose!

I know why the school board doesn’t want this to go through, but why do YOU the private citizen with kids want to stop this?? Please tell me because I am missing something if 61% are against having the freedom to make a freaking choice!

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