Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Demoncrats sure do hate Palin

(Personally, I would rather have her than McCain in the top spot. )

I do love how the demoncrats say things like, "she doesn't have the experience." Oh brother. Since when does experience matter to the demoncrats? Look at Obama! It is insane that they don't seem to mind how little experience he has, and they support him for PRESIDENT! Obama is an elietest and a racist. There I said it, he is a racist. I won't let go of his associations of the past and you shouldn't either. It matters! It makes him who he is.

I like Palin BECAUSE she is not OF Washington. I like her because she is not so far gone that she still understands what it means to be just a normal person in America. Obama and Biden are both drowning in Washington and cannot see outside of it. They are a joke.

The pundits on MSNBC are focusing on the Obama hits and saying that, that is all she did was pound on Obama. What speech were they watching??? Oh, how I hate them, making fun of the people there and making stupid comments about Palins sarcasm and how lame it is while pretending to ask a question.

Chris Matthews thinks she was speaking as though she is running against Michelle Obama?!?!? What the crap are you even talking about? ..and by the way Chris, Sarah Palin is not meant to be a replacement to Clinton. She is who she is. She is very different that Clinton. (Thankfully.)

By the way ; leave her family alone. "Journalists" are such dirt bags. Michelle is off limits, but she is puts herself in the spotlight! These are children! Leave them alone.

Oh and Diddy, shut up you stupid idiot. You just pushed yourself over the edge of actually being more stupid than your name. You want Michelle Obama to run? You are in the top 10 famous idiots (along with Keith Olberman) in this country. Congratulations.

This is making me crazy, I can't do it anymore. I have work to do tomorrow, I am going to bed.

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