Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin Says Obama Would Generate Crisis

Sweet misleading headline! 

(UPI) – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, campaigning in Nevada Tuesday, said that Barack Obama is likely to create a crisis if he becomes president.

Palin was responding to a suggestion made by Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, that someone would create "a generated crisis to test the mettle of this guy," cable news reported. Biden was speaking at a fundraiser Sunday night.

"I guess we have to say 'Thanks for the warning, Joe,'" Palin told supporters in Reno.

Palin suggested that Obama's policies would create the crisis. She cited his statements that he would meet with Iranian leaders "without preconditions" and would withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq.

"I guess the looming crisis that worries the Obama campaign right now is Joe Biden's next speaking engagement," Palin said.

A spokesman for the Obama campaign said that the Democratic nominee would provide consistent leadership as president, "not the erratic lurching and stubborn ideology of John McCain."

Let's see where she said this...

First, did you hear that Senator Biden said at a fund-raiser on Sunday, he guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected that we will face an international crisis within the first six months of their administration. He told the Democrat donors to mark his words, it will happen. That there were at least four or five scenarios that would place our country at risk in an Obama administration. I guess we've got say, well, thanks for the warning, Joe. So he didn't specify what those four or five scenarios will be, but precludes, just have to go to the Obama foreign policy agenda to find out what maybe this would be. 

First, our opponent wants to sit down with the world's worst dictators, with no preconditions. He's proposing to meet with a regime in Tehran that vows to wipe Israel off the earth. Now, let's call that crisis scenario number one. OK.

Now, Senator Obama, too, having advocated sending our U.S. military into Pakistan without the approval of the Pakistani government. Invading the sovereign territory of a troubled partner in the war against terrorism. We've got to call that scenario number two. OK.

Then he opposed the surge strategy that has finally brought victory in Iraq within sight. Our opponent has voted to cut off funding for our troops, leaving our young men and women at grave risk in the war zone. He wants to pull out leaving some 25 million Iraqis then at the mercy of an Iranian-supported Shiite extremist group and
al Qaeda in Iraq by his own admission. This could mean our troops would have to go back to Iraq. That's crisis scenario number three. 

And then after the Russian army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator
Obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence. The kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next. That's crisis scenario number four.

But I guess the looming crisis that most worries the Obama campaign right now is Joe
Biden's next speaking engagement. Let's call that crisis number five.

See, the real problem is that these warnings from Joe
Biden are similar to his earlier assessment. Remember, throughout the primary, it wasn't that long ago, he said, Barack Obama wasn't up to the job. He's not ready to be president. He said, I quote, "the presidency is not something that lends itself to on the job training." The same Joe Biden said he would be honored to run on the ticket with John McCain because, he said, the country would be better off with John McCain.

And finally, then, here we have some common ground, because I do want a president, too, who spent 22 years in uniform defending our country, always putting his country first, fighting for you. I want a president who isn't afraid to use the word victory when he talks about the wars that America is fighting. I do want a president who is ready to lead on day one. I want a president with the experience and the judgment and the wisdom and the truthfulness to be able to meet the next international crisis, or, better yet, to avoid the next international crisis. I do want John McCain as our next commander in chief. 

hmm, Yeah, I didn't see it either. Maybe they meant where she was trying to figure out what the hell Joe was talking about when he said that HE (JOE) could think of 4 or 5 different scenarios. It could be argued that she "suggested that Obama's policies would create the crisis." but what did Joe mean if not that?!?! She certainly did not say that Obama would generate a crisis. At a minimum the headline is dishonest. 

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