Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hooray for Ayers (the author, not the terrorist)

As Election Spotlight Dims, Ayers The Author Speaks

I regularly check NPR because they are so horrible, but every once in a while they have something great. This is not one of those times, but this goes to the other extreme. They are giving Bill Ayers “the author” so much air time and trying so hard to get everyone off this dirt-bag’s back that it makes me want to puke.

The Republican ticket tried to make an issue of Bill Ayers, a onetime 1960s militant, and his Chicago hometown connections to President-elect Obama. Playing up the Obama-Ayers connection at a rally, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said, "Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country."

Uh, that is because it is a big deal to try to kill Americans. It should be an issue to anyone who cares about human rights. Sarah had it just right. If someone launched their political career in Timothy McVay’s house would they be very popular? Or is it that McVay was more successful because he actually killed people? So we like Ayers now because he is a community organizer? We didn’t give Tim the chance to make it all up to us. Don’t get me wrong here, I do not support McVay, I only make the point that they are the same, regardless of the number of body-bags, they both had the same goals; in the short run anyway. Ayers had big plans for this country and still does.

Ayers' political image in 2008 often boiled down to his mug shot from the 1960s — wild-haired and defiant. He looked like the organizer of a group that would set off bombs to protest the war in Vietnam and racism in America — the Weather Underground.  

That's the image still held by conservative activists… 

If it looks like a duck? It has nothing to do with what he looks like (unless you are a liberal) as it is what he did. He WAS the organizer of a group that would set off bombs in their own country and target their own neighbors. It doesn’t matter what he was protesting. He went about it the wrong way. Thank goodness he was a failure.

Conspicuously absent was Fugitive Days, about his decade evading the FBI. There's a new paperback edition out, but Don Allen said he forgot to stock it.

Don Allen, it says, is the organizer of the event and manages the restaurant's bookstore where they were holding it.

and… he… FORGOT… to stock it. Right, that’s it. Forgot all about that silly little book.

Ayers' hair is short now. Standing at the microphone, he wore a sweater, sport coat and jeans. Both of his ears are pierced. He carried a file folder and a water bottle.

Very sexy. He looks good so he must be good. If it looks like a duck, remember? Amazing.

And in a voice that didn't exactly evoke "fire-breathing radical," he quoted a poem by Gwendolyn Brooks about a boy who vandalized a school. The boy says he wanted to create: " 'If not a note, then a hole, if not an overture, then a desecration. But I shall create.' And that's the aspiration of every human being — to create, to be seen, to be noticed, to make a difference, to leave your footprint in the sand. And if we don't provide that for kids, if we don't open that creative vent, then we for sure open the destructive vent."

Is this what happened to you Ayers? Dang, man. I forgive you for trying to kill your neighbors. I didn’t know….

Thank goodness the tone of voice was not a “fire-breathing radical” tone. Then the words must be okay. If it sounds like a duck, right?

Actually, this is a good point (you’ll note he is supporting the boy who vandalized the school and this really says what we need to know about this dirt bag) although this doesn’t and shouldn’t excuse the kid for damaging property that didn’t belong to him. We do need to help our children with this outlet. And, oh wait, sorry the smoke is getting really thick in here and I almost stopped seeing the truth of the situation here. Ayers is an attempted murderer walking around with access to high level and high kill rate areas of this country. He wouldn’t have the rocks to do anything himself but he has a bigger following now, and the lemmings will continue to mass. He could be a real problem in the future, giving marching orders in brightly lit board rooms instead of dark back rooms making nail bombs.

Ayers circled the big questions: What about the campaign? Would he do what he has refused to do — apologize for the Weather Underground?

He joked that he doesn't like being described as a guy of the '60s.

"I am so much a guy of right now. OK, I lived in the '60s. I apologize. You hear that, Clarence? I just apologized."

…for living in the 60’s. Thanks Bill, I trust you now.

After that reflection on the election, a few people got up and left.


Ayers took one more question. Then people crowded around him as he signed copies of his books — about education.

Not about terrorism, see? About education. Good things. So he is good. If it walks like a duck, right?

It ain’t a duck. It is a failed terrorist, and if you see a duck, you are fooling yourself. 

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  1. Nice post. Since Ayers advocates vandalism and bombings I bet he would totally support someone vandalizing or bombing his property.

    Liberal terrorists are consistent aren't they?


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