Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you President Obama. Thank you.

I found this Open letter to America, (what will be known by me on Jan 20,2009 as 'Amerika.') and saw a lot of truth in it. 

It is not mine and is by Freeman over at 12-Foot Pole.


Open Letter to America:

Thank you America for electing President Obama.  President Obama promised to save the world.  I don't know much about that but I know he will save me.
Forget taxes, health care, and energy.  Obama will sign new laws into place that will increase my income ten-fold -- TAX FREE.

Obama will enact laws that ban almost all firearms legally owned today.   He will also require gun owners obtain a license to continue owning any guns not banned.  At the same time, gun owners will be required to register each firearm they own.  Obama will also increase taxes on firearms by at least 500%.
By enacting these laws Obama will provide me --a career criminal-- with a very large pool of victims.  First, many Americans will actually allow the government to ban and confiscate their firearms.  For those guns that are still legal, the tax increase will make them far too expensive for any poor people to afford.  These defenseless people will be my primary victims.  Since they will be unarmed they will be unable to defend themselves against me --the career criminal-- who will certainly not give any of my guns away.

For other victims I will send out fake firearm registration forms which people will fill out and return to me thinking they are official forms.   I may go door to door also.  My second baby's mama works with the Sheriffs department and she can get actual lists of registered owners and firearms for me if needed. Breaking into those homes will provide me a great source of guns to sell on the black market.  And, thanks to the 500% tax increase the black market price of my stolen guns just skyrocketed.

The best part is that once Obama successfully bans guns I can steal them without any possible criminal penalties.  A person keeping a banned gun illegally can't call the police about the theft or he will be criminally prosecuted too.  And he can't shoot me for the same reason.  I can walk into any home with banned guns (I have a list remember) and can do anything I want without any fear at all.  Rape, murder, and robbery are mostly what I do.  And black market prices will go even higher with a ban than with the tax increase.

All this free rape, murder, and robbery is not just easy thanks to Obama; it as all tax free to me --the career criminal!!!  These new policies will make me even more money than my welfare and disability payments combined.

Thank you President Obama.  Thank you.

A Career Criminal

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