Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Republican's can be stupid too.

Kempthorne should be prosecuted for misappropriation of tax payer funds. According to the Washington Post, this dirtbag "spent about 235,000" renovating his D.C. bathroom a few months ago. Why is he not being charged or even questioned further?

An initial investigation by the department's inspector general, Earl B.
Devaney, found no wrongdoing on the secretary's part because the GSA had
approved the project.

Are you kidding me? Dig deeper Earl, and find out who approved this and why! I am sick and tired of these elite bastards getting away with this kind of garbage! Earl and Dirk should go to jail together for this kind of thing, but nothing will happen. Nothing ever changes and people like you and me have no voice. He talks and talks about ethics and does something like this. Apparantly, you can't trust anybody in the government. Meanwhile, good border guards sit in prison for shooting drug dealers.
Kempthorne said he's installed a new ethics officer, has stressed the
importance of recording discussions on potentially dicey matters in an ethics
logbook, made an ethics DVD required viewing for new employees and fired
employees involved in the worst of the transgressions.

"Without question, there have been a variety of issues concerning the
integrity and activities of certain aspects of the Department," Kempthorne,
Idaho's governor from 1999 to 2006 and Boise's mayor for eight years starting in
1985, told more than 200 people at a City Club speech

"We have endeavored to create an atmosphere and culture of ethics in the
department, which is critically important," he said. "I tell them, 'My mantra
is, if in doubt, don't.'"

Clearly he was not in doubt when he decided to remodel his bathroom. How do you even spend this much money in one room? The materials can't possibly cost this much. WHO IS DIRK PAYING OFF AND WHY? Is he crapping on gold? Is he Saddam now? Why are we letting this happen?

There is much more to this story and it will not get the attention it deserves. No one mentioned this at his little speech. WHY DO YOU NOT CARE?!?!

Kempthorne disputed the contention that his office has rushed modifications
late in Bush's final term.

He said he gave ample warning about the impending Endangered Species Act
changes when he listed the polar bear as a threatened species in May due to
receding sea ice, but refused to endorse the 1973 law as an instrument to
regulate climate change. His role as the Bush administration winds down was akin
to that of a quarterback in the waning minutes of the Super Bowl, he said.

I wondered who the pinhead was that did this.

"If you're to play in the entire game, you're to do what you've been asked
to do," Kempthorne said. "Until Jan. 20, I am the secretary of Interior and I
work for you. And I'm not just going to sit on the sidelines."

No, he is going to sit on a gold toilet eating ice-cream bars while a servant wipes his mouth and his behind with silk. (At least for the next few days.) ...and clearly you have not been working for me. I am starting to hate my country because we let this kind of thing happen all the time.

Go to hell Dirk, I want my money back.

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